Miscellaneous Photos of Morning Meadow

This gallery consists of various photos of different scenes and subjects.  We will update it from time to time as we get new photos of general interest.

If you are currently a resident of our Home Community, we encourage you to provide us with photographs that we can place in our on-line Photo Gallery.  We know you have worked diligently with us to make this community become what it is today, and that you take pride in your home, yard, gardens, and surroundings.  Contact us regarding how to do this (it can be as simple as lending us your favorite pictures for a few days).  We will be delighted to share your photo with the world via the Internet.

A Stroll Though the Flower Gardens

We have MANY photos of our award-winning flower gardens that are so lovingly planted, cared for, and nurtured by our Office Manager, Bobbie Arrant.  Many of our residents also proudly maintain beautiful gardens and shrubbery, but unfortunately we don't have photos of their achievements to post here yet.  Maybe soon!

Warning:  Over a dialup Internet connection, visiting our Flower Gallery may take a bit of time to download the images ... but it will be worth the wait!  Click here to visit our Flower Photo Gallery.

Other Photos

At the current time we haven't developed this portion of our Gallery.  We expect to have it ready in the near future.  Please come back later to check our progress.

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