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This page contains some of the questions we are most often asked, along with our responses.  They are organized into different groups by major category and topic.  For quick positioning, you may click on your topic of interest below:

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Home Community Questions/Answers
Q: Do you rent mobile homes?
A: No, we do not rent homes.  We only rent home sites (lots) to owners who reside in their homes here.  We do offer a limited number of Lease-to-Purchase homes.  Click here to see home site and Lease-to-Purchase home availability.
Q: I am considering the purchase of a manufactured home.  Can you provide information on what to look for?
A: The decision to buy and live in a manufactured home is a personal one that only you can make.  There are many sources of information, including current manufactured home owners, friends, family, manufactured housing organization web sites, dealerships, and more.  An excellent web site to visit is the one for the Manufactured Housing Institute; click here to view one of their pages that may help answer many of your questions. In addition, you are welcome to visit our community to see actual homes and sites if that will help with your decision.
Q: Can you recommend a dealership where I can purchase my home?
A: Our experience with local new home sales dealerships has been positive.  Our policy is to not show preference for one over another.  Consult your local telephone listings and advertisements for tips.
Q: Can you recommend a brand or style of mobile home for me to purchase?
A: As with many major purchases there are many things to consider including cost, size, features, construction, appearance, warranty, and more.  All leading manufacturers produce good quality homes. You should visit several dealerships to learn more so you can compare.  Most leading manufacturers have very helpful web sites that showcase their homes.
Q: I would like to purchase a manufactured home and locate it in your community, but I have heard all these horror stories about mobile homes being unable to survive severe storms.  Are these true?
A: In general, No.  Modern manufactured homes are built to Federal and State construction codes that make them more durable than many older (and even some newer) site-built conventional homes.  When properly installed and anchored a modern manufactured home is a very safe place to live. Most of the stories you hear are about older mobile homes that were built prior to the new construction standards.  As a matter of fact, with the Hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004, not one newer manufactured home was destroyed.  Visit this page from the MHI for our information source.
Q: I have heard that if I locate my new home at Morning Meadow that I don't have to pay sales taxes on the purchase.  Is this true?
A: No, and Yes.  You can defer paying your sales taxes, but you still owe them and must pay them at some point in the future.  It is possible in certain cases for a home owner to defer payment of sales taxes on new home purchases by filing paperwork through a process called the "Act of Immobilization."  This process also enables you to file for Louisiana Homestead Exemption tax relief.  Your home dealer or the Ouachita Parish Clerk of Courts can provide you with the details.  Note that Morning Meadow receives no benefit from this situation, other than making it more convenient for you to reside here.  Upon request, once you have chosen us for your new home site, we will provide you with a legal plot plan description necessary to complete your filing action.
Q: I've decided that I want to move to Morning Meadow.  What do I do next?
A: Contact us to arrange for a meeting and interview.  We will explain our requirements for residency and give you the grand tour.
Q: What is the term of your Rental Agreement?
A: We rent from month to month, paid in advance.
Q: How much is the lot rent?

It varies according to the lot location and size. See our Interactive Facilities Map to see available sites and prices.

Q: What is included with the lot rent?
A: Visit our Amenities page for the complete list.
Q: Who pays for the utilities?
A: Each Home Owner pays them as in any subdivision.
Q: When is my rent due?
A: On the 1st of every calendar month.
Q: Who pays the utility deposits?
A: The Home Owner.
Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: No. We require one month's rent paid in advance.
Q: Do you allow pets?
A: Small inside pets are allowed. When outside, they must be leashed and attended by the owner. Owners must clean up after their pets.
Q: Do you allow fences for dogs or “Doggie Doors”?
A: No.
Q: Do you provide lawn care?
A: Yes, for an extra fee.  There are numerous third party services available too.
Q: May I care for my own lawn?
A: Yes.
Q: May I plant flowers or shrubs?
A: Yes, we encourage you to do so.  But, please be careful digging because the underground electrical feed to your home, water faucet pipes, cable, and telephone wires may be present.
Q: Do you allow decks, porches, or ramps?
A: Yes. They are the responsibility of the Home Owner and standards do apply.
Q: Do you allow a cover over my porch or car parking area?
A: Yes. Minimum standards apply.
Q: Who connects the utilities?

Water.  Contact Great Ouachita Water Company to establish an account for water and sewer service..  Morning Meadow personnel will see that the service is connected to your home and that you have two outside faucets. No charge!

Sewer.  Morning Meadow will use the material that comes with your home and provide the personnel and other materials to connect to the outlets, (up to five ), that exit your home and tie them into the sewer system. No charge! (We will not revise nor repair the piping that is part of your home.)

Electrical.  A Building Permit is required, the Home Owner’s responsibility, before power can be turned on; contact Entergy to establish an account The Home Owner is responsible for having the electrical supply connected from Morning Meadow’s termination point to the panel inside the home. Minimum standards and specifications do apply. Morning Meadow’s termination points are as follows:

  • In the Premium section. An electrical box on the ground under the home.

  • In the  Standard section. An electrical box on a pole at the rear of the home

Telephone.  By BellSouth (now AT&T) personnel.

Cable.  By Comcast personnel.

Satellite.  By respective satellite service provider personnel.

Natural Gas.  Gas is available to some lots. Where available, Morning Meadow will pipe gas to home, furnish a cut off valve, but will not connect gas to home. Home Owner must arrange for someone to connect gas to home.

Q: Who do I call for maintenance issues, such as a stopped-up drain?
A: You are responsible for all home maintenance.  You should contact a licensed service provider for the problem area, in this case, a plumber.  Note, however, that if your service person identifies the cause of the problem is in Morning Meadow's domain (e.g., underground sewer or water pipes, or outside main electricity panels), you should notify us immediately before attempting repairs.
Q: Can I sell my home if I need/want to?

Yes. If home is to be moved, Morning Meadow Management must be notified.  If purchaser wants to reside in home in Morning Meadow, they must go through the interview and approval process as new residents before taking occupancy.

Q: Can I rent my home if I have to relocate?
A: No. We do not allow third party rentals.
Q: Can I do a Lease Purchase on my home?

Possibly. Morning Meadow management must be informed of the terms and circumstances and agree.  To avoid any misunderstandings, you must get our approval in advance of any such actions.

Q: I have a camper trailer.  Can I park it at my home in Morning Meadow?
A: No, we do not permit Motor Homes or Travel Trailers.  You must make other arrangements for parking and storage.
Q: I have a bass boat.  Can I park it at my home in Morning Meadow?
Q: Yes, we allow small recreational and sporting boats, and small utility trailers.
A: I am a professional truck driver and drive an 18-wheeler; Can I park my truck cab at my home?

Sorry, we do not allow oversized or unsightly vehicles to be parked at our Community home sites.

A: I am having a birthday party for my daughter, and I will have several visitors.  Where can they park?

They can park in your driveway and on your lawn.  They can also temporarily park on the grass in nearby common areas.  Overflow parking is available at the Pavilion at the entrance.  You may also ask permission from your neighbors.  Do not allow your visitors to park on the street.

A: Where can I pay my rent?

At the office, to the owners, use the Drop Box, or mail it.

Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards?
A: Yes.
Q: Do I get a discount on a Morning Meadow Self-Storage Unit if I rent one?
A: Yes. A ten percent discount is available, but only for the resident’s personal use.
Q: What is your policy regarding outside visitors?
A: We are a private community.  Each home owner is responsible for the conduct of their visitors.  This means you should insure that your visitors don't park on the street, that they don't create disturbances or inconvenience your neighbors, etc.
Q: What is your policy concerning guests?
A: We refer to guests as individuals who will temporarily stay with you at your home and have not been listed on your Residency Application.  In your application you state who will be the residents. When your application is approved, those individuals listed in it are the residents.  Any other person staying at your home is a guest and falls under the Guest Policy.

The Guest Policy states that guests may stay up to 36 hours without Morning Meadow Management being notified and approving the stay. If a longer visit is desired we usually agree. However, there are circumstances under which we may not agree to a prolonged visit.

To sum up our policy concerning residents and guests: WE HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY AND RIGHT TO KNOW WHO IS STAYING IN OUR COMMUNITY. Our policy is in compliance with both Federal and Louisiana Fair Housing Laws.

Q: What is your policy on door-to-door sales?
A: We have a no solicitation policy.  Exceptions are granted in certain cases where a benefit is perceived for our community and the surrounding area.  For example, children of our residents may sell raffle tickets, Girl Scout Cookies, or other fund-raising items for the benefit of local schools, bands, troops, etc.
Self-Storage Questions/Answers
Q: When is my unit rent due?
A: Normally on the first day of each month. on the same day of the month.  The exception may be if when you rented your unit you paid a full month's rent instead the prorated amount to the end of the rental month.  In this exception condition, your rent comes due every month on the day corresponding to the day after your original rental date.
Q: Where can I pay my rent?

At the office, to the owners, use the Drop Box, or mail it.

Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards?
A: Not presently.  We accept cash, money orders, and checks (for accounts in good standing).
Q: Do you rent climate-controlled units?

Not presently.

Q: Can I purchase insurance on my unit contents from you?

No.  However, you should be aware that by Louisiana State Law we are not responsible for your unit contents ... you are.  You must make your own arrangements to insure the contents of your unit against damage, loss, fire, theft, etc.  It is possible that you existing homeowner or business insurance covers your contents; you should check with your agent for details.

Q: I have heard stories of other storage facilities flooding.  Do I need to be concerned with you?

No one can predict future acts of God.  Our facility is professionally engineered to be well-drained, and we have never had a flooding problem.

Q: Do you provide pest control?

Yes.  We have a regimen designed to protect against insects and varmints.  We regularly treat the outside areas of the facility, and treat each unit when it is vacated.  Note that we do not have keys or access to locked occupied units, so we cannot treat inside your unit on a regular basic.  If you are a long-term renter, we recommend that you contact us to schedule an appointment when you can unlock your unit so we can treat it to prevent future problems.

Q: I am planning to vacate my unit; what do I do?

You must notify us of your planned vacate date.  Upon removing your contents and cleaning out your unit, you should leave the door(s) unlocked.  Then notify us that you are out.  Take the locks with you since they are yours to keep.  If you leave the doors locked, we will not consider the unit vacant and you will be responsible for its continued rental.

Q: There are two locks on my unit door, and I can't get in to it.  What does this mean?
A: Our records indicate that your rent is overdue.  You must pay your rent and any other outstanding charges in full before you will be permitted access to your unit again.
Q: I wish to use my own lock to secure my unit.  Is that OK?
A: Yes, but place only one lock on each door.  The second space for a lock is reserved for our use.
Q: I have misplaced the keys to my lock.  How can I get in to my unit?
A: You must contact us to arrange for us to remove your lock, and you must present us with a Photo ID to verify that you are the Legal Tenant.  There is a small charge for the removal service, and you must furnish or purchase from us a replacement lock.  Special tools are required to remove the lock, so DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT yourself; if you damage the door or hasp attempting to remove the lock you will be responsible for repair costs and replacement parts.
Q: Do you send monthly statements?
A: No.  It is your responsibility to remember the amount and timing of your rental fees.
Q: I need to get in to my unit, but the facility gates are locked.  What can I do?
A: Make plans to come back during normal business hours (7:00 AM - 8:00 PM daily).  If you have a valid emergency, you may attempt to contact us for access.  We cannot assure you that we will be available to help.
Q: My girlfriend and I shared her storage unit.  We recently broke up and I need to get my stuff, but she won't unlock the unit for me.  How do I get in?
A: You don't.  By State Law, unless your name is listed as a Legal Tenant on the rental agreement we cannot remove the lock without the Legal Tenant's permission.
Q: ... But I'm the one who paid the rent?
A: It doesn't matter; you are not a legal tenant and we can't open the unit for you.
Q:  ... Well, what do I do?
A: How about talking to her nicely, and have her unlock her unit for you.
Q:  ...I have talked to her, but she is out of town for 2 weeks.  Can't she just call you?
A: Her calling us is not legally sufficient.  In this case you should contact us, and we will explain the legal process that you and she must go through to gain unit access by you.
Q: Is the dialog above true?
A: Situations similar to this happen quite often.  This is why it is important that all legal tenants and co-tenants must sign the original rental agreement when you rent the unit, or, when you add/remove tenants later on after the unit has been rented.  Please remember, the State Law and our policy of adhering to it are intended to protect you.
General and Miscellaneous Questions/Answers
Q: Why don't you have questions here?
A: We couldn't think of any more!  If you have a question/answer that you think would be helpful and of interest to others please send it to us so we can include it in a future update to this site.  Click here to send us an email with your question.

Please check back soon or call or contact us to get more information.


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